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Electrical equipment rooms

Question asked by balik on Mar 10, 2017

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NFPA 13 (2016) item, permits the omission of sprinkler protection in electrical equipment rooms if some conditions are met. Does it apply to the electrical rooms on the typical floors of a sprinkler protected building (I have tried to describe these rooms below), or does it only apply to some special electrical rooms, such as the transformer rooms where dry type transformers are used?  If the answer depend on the type of the building, we can consider a high-rise hotel building.


These electrical rooms are small, 2-hour fire rated enclosures, entered by a 90-minute fire rated door from each floor and the floor slab penetration of the vertical cables or busbars rising along the building through the corners of these rooms are horizontally sealed by 2-hour fire rated mortar. These rooms are not used for storage of other materials that are not related with the function of these rooms, but they are typically housing the electrical panels of electrical services of that floor. I have no idea if such panels are "dry type electrical equipment" or not. 


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Gokhan Balik (Turkey)

Mechnanical Engineer Sprinklers shall not be required in electrical equipment rooms where all of the following conditions are met:
(1) The room is dedicated to electrical equipment only.
(2) Only dry-type electrical equipment is used.
(3) Equipment is installed in a 2-hour fire-rated enclosure including protection for penetrations.
(4) No combustible storage is permitted to be stored in the room.