NFPA Support for Enforcers

Discussion created by ncomeau Employee on Mar 9, 2017

Here at the NFPA we are working hard to understand our stakeholders like never before.  As the Segment Director for enforcers/inspectors, I have been focused on building relationships and getting to know people and to understand how they work and why they work that way.  I'm learning about challenges and triumphs and areas of opportunity.  I'm looking for ways the NFPA can help.  I brought a group of enforcers--building officials, plans examiners, electrical inspectors, and fire inspectors-together in the Fall to talk about these things.  There was a strong feeling that sharing what we discussed might be valuable to the enforcement community as a whole.  That summary is attached.  Please reach out to me with any questions about the attached document, or any enforcement matter at all.  If you do find the summary of value, I'd love to hear that too.


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Nicole M. Comeau

Segment Director