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Retest when unattended?

Question asked by reglaze on Mar 10, 2017
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The 2015 70E  120.2 section (2)(f)(4) states "Requirement to retest for absence of voltage when circuit conditions change or when the job location has been left unattended".  With the understanding that 70E has a broad audience, how does this affect an operating power plant?  Being a former Journeyman electrician, I have never performed or witnessed anyone performing a Live dead live, locking the breaker open and coming back later (after lunch) and taking the lock off the breaker and testing for absence of voltage a second time.  Example: In the breaker for a 480 volt motor is in an MCC room and the motor is on a different floor out in an operating plant, I would always recheck my motor leads (if not already taped up) with a proximity tester.  NFPA 70E is not clear on this type of example which happens 100+ times a day in the US.

Please send me any interpretation you have on this issue.