Manual transfer switch for mobile generator

Discussion created by wbculleysr on Mar 20, 2017

I will be inspecting a manual transfer switch for temporary mobile generator power to a PSD Water Dept.

the service is 3 phase delta 240 volt with high leg. It will be a 5 conductor plugin to a 5 hole receptacle

The generator belongs to some EMA group who have 3 different generators. I feel this would come under the Code

as Temporary power under qualified ? supervision. Power comes in to a CT Cabinet then to the main disconnect in the plant. I don't feel the transfer switch should be considered the main disconnect as it may never be used.Also I am concerned about the specs and rotation on the 3 generators plus the operators .The electrician has installed the switch and the receptacle and a neutral kit isolated from the switch body. the wiring would be Utility in to line .Load out of middle. Generator outlet on switch bottom with ground to lug on switch body.Switch body to be grounded to grounding electrode conductor from main disconnect which is available at switch site.


Any help would be appreciated  wbculleysr@frontier.com or cell 304-491-9361