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Fire Detection Systems & Cold Rolled Steel Process

Question asked by jor.sifontes on Mar 21, 2017

Dear Fellows,

Greetings from Ecuador!


I'm an Independent Junior Consultant, I have experience using NFPA recomendations for designing and selecting fire detection equipment for petroleum facilities, however I have a new client that has a project that involves only Cold Rolled Steel Process.


As usually, I did a little search about it in NFPA standards, but the only document that I found nearly related about steel industry was the NFPA 122, however in a quick look, it seems to be more focused in the hazards of metal dust in mining.

So, If the Rolled Steel Process do not involves any metal heating, if my client also gonna have eletro-soldering machines and if the facility itself is complete made of metal and they don't plan to storage any flamable material, It's still enough install a basic detection systems (usual smoke/heat detectors and alarmas) to ensure the personal safety inside that process area? or I need something more fancy (Beam Smoke Detectors / UV-IR Flame Detectors) to comply with NFPA standards?


I have to say I'm a little confuse about what would be the right choice,
Hope you can help me,
Any suggestion will be appreciated!