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Display case projection in lobby

Question asked by bradford_archer on Mar 23, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2017 by rmcglone

I have a poser. I have a hospital with an outpatient clinic. The clinic empties out to the lobby through a set of double doors. We have recently relocated our registration desks to the other side of the lobby and we would like to take the registration windows out and replace them with display cases to show off cultural artifacts and local art.

Upon exiting the clinic into the lobby, the display cases would be to the person's right. The lobby is a large open area. the pathway through the lobby from these doors is considered the egress pathway. Since this is not a corridor with projection restrictions at 4" (CMS), what are my limiting code factors here? The old carpenter's adage of measure twice and cut once applies big time here. The attached photo shows the existing conditions.

Note: this area is part of a larger 12,000 sf smoke compartment. the wall is not fire rated nor does it change in use group.

This is a complicated issue and any/all input would be helpful. Thanks!