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NFPA 101 - Cooking Equipment

Question asked by nickdawe on Mar 29, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2017 by rfdacm02

This code section was added to NFPA 101 The Life Safety Code in 2003 (why?)

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cooking Equipment.  Cooking equipment shall be protected in accordance with 9.2.3, unless the cooking equipment is one of the following types:
(1) Outdoor equipment

(2) Portable equipment not flue-connected

(3) Equipment used only for food warming


Most commercial cooking equipment in a kitchen is on wheels, so does permit portable deep-fryer or portable charcoal grilling, inside the an assembly? Section 9.2.3 is the LSC's heating and venting requirements, which is not applicable if (1) - (3) exists.


This seems like a unintended hole in the code. Can someone help?