Number of Exits - Existing Business Occupancy

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OK, I have a question regarding NFPA 101, Chapter 39.2.4 Number of Exits.  In, it tells us exits shall comply with unless permitted by through  There are three separate requirements, but look at (2) and (3).  (2) says, "Not less than two separate exits shall be provided on every story" and (3) "not less than two separate exits shall be accessible from every part of every story."  If we look at "exit access, as required by, shall be permitted to include a single exit access path for the distances permitted as common paths of travel by


Ok, so you're wondering what I'm getting to.  If you go to, you'll find limitation on the path length for a single exit access path.  Question:  While complying with for every part of a second story, modifies, does it erase or modify the requirements of 


The way I read it is no.  Two exits are still required should the one exit become blocked or no longer usable during an emergency.