Can the AFG be changed IF it is renewed?

Discussion created by on Apr 12, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2017 by jcaufield

There are 2 major problems I see with the AFG "rules" that desperately need to be changed to facilitate smaller department participation and/or awarding.


1) The cost share category. The last category (5% cost share) needs to be divided into a 4th category. This category doesn't fully represent the rural volunteer fire department demographic. A 10k population is VASTLY different than a 3k population in almost every measurable standard. This category needs to be split around the 5k population mark and the cost share needs to be reduced as well to around 1.5% - 2%. 


2) The new truck requirement would need to be modified. A small rural community of 3k population does not necessarily need a $350,000.00 truck! Small department need to be able to purchased used trucks that suit their needs. Especially the ones being replaced by larger departments.


So the question is, how do we, as small departments, get these changes made?