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when relocating heads do they need to be new?

Question asked by kvonoesen on Apr 13, 2017

I have a contractor that is relocating a few heads and adding new, here is where I think is a sketchy line is drawn and need your help. He relocated the heads but did not replace with NEW, he stated he did not remove the heads from the drops he relocated the drop with the heads attached and relocating is not addressed in the standards.

  1. Is this ok per your standards?
  2. Plus my inspector found corrosion on the heads, he stated that is not part of his TI that’s a 5yr cert issue.

This is what I see in the standard #25  Any sprinkler shall be replaced that has signs of leakage; is painted, corroded, damaged, or loaded; or in the improper orientation. Only new, listed sprinklers shall be used to replace existing sprinklers.

Thank you for your help