Fire / Smoke damper placement

Discussion created by leonardo.kibanoff on Apr 12, 2017
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Hello- We will be installing new building separator doors, and relocating it appx. 10' away from the original position due to 

inaccessibility to complete or repair any penetrations. we had engineers from Hilti and a private firm come to take a look to see if they have a solution- it was agreed, best was to move the door and barrier appx. 10' down the corridor where there was a clear shot to slab / decking and minimal utility runs. 

Here's my issue / concern

  • There was a debate on placement of the F/S damper- our designer advised that it can be placed anywhere as long as there is one present then it will meet code
  • I disagreed and stated if there was a fire it needs to close that penetration right at the barrier not 10' down from the barrier wall- I went on to state that if the damper is 10' past the barrier wall then 10' of that side of the barrier is compromised since the duct is not sealed or guaranteed to be sealed- not unless the 10' section of duct between the damper and barrier is rated the same as the barrier.

Is there a code for F/S damper placement.. Again Thanks for your input