Smoke doors that used to be fire doors

Discussion created by leonardo.kibanoff on Apr 12, 2017
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Hello- In my facility (health care) Fire and Smoke barriers in the past has been renamed / reconfigured 

Once upon a time a fire barrier and it's associated doors was originally a fire barrier with positive latching hardware on the doors

From changes over time for compartmentalization, suiting, etc... some fire barriers have been reconfigured to be a smoke barrier- the doors were left alone since it is more stringent than a smoke specific door- 

Here's my understanding:

  • Smoke doors do not have to positively latch
  • If a smoke door has positive latching hardware even though not required- it must be maintained

Here's my question:

  • During rounds it was discovered that a couple smoke doors with positive latching hardware (because at one time it was known to be a fire barrier) did not consistently latch.
  • For ILSM assessment, would this be considered a LSC deficiency or can it be treated as normal since smoke doors do not require to latch 


Thanks again