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Do hospital grade receptacles and GFCI receptacles need to be tested yearly in an ambulatory healthcare occupancy

Question asked by pattyfinkspain on Apr 11, 2017

2012 NFPA 99 talks about non-hospital graded testing of receptacles being done every 12 months. states; addition testing of receptacles in patient care areas should be performed at intervals defined by documented performance data.  It's my understanding that if there is no performance data available that it defaults to 12 months.  My question is, does this refer to hospital-grade and GFCI receptacles?  Everything that I read about them says tested when installed, replaced or serviced but I'm thinking that may mean yearly also. 


NFPA 99 Receptacles not listed as hospital-grade, at patient bed locations and in location where deep sedation or general anesthesia is administered, shall be tested at intervals not exceeding 12 month.  Would that include a GFI receptacle.  Then in NFPA 99 (A-B) talks about grounding receptacles at wet locations needing to be tested at intervals not exceeding 6 months.  I interpret that as meaning GFCI in wet procedure rooms would need testing every six months and other GFCI at patient beds and in the operating would require yearly.