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DOD 4145-26M C6.4.2 says use NFPA 77 (reference (u))

Question asked by on Apr 18, 2017

DOD 4145 26-M is woefully inadequate on providing in depth test methods for conductive flooring. Although they don't tell you to use aluminum foil to cover the electrodes they don't tell you not to either. Instead they leave the nuts and bolts to others. Example: Per DOD 4145 26-M, C6.4.2. Static Electricity Hazards: The NFPA, UL, and the U.S. Department of Commerce publish detailed discussions of the hazards of static electricity

and ways of reducing it. Where electrostatic discharge (spark) may be hazardous, NFPA

Standard No. 77 (Reference (u)) shall apply, except as otherwise specified.

Has anyone ever seen this reference? I can't find it in NFPA 77 (new or old versions) and the document doesn't give you many specifics for the electrode setup either. NFPA 484-15 (for combustible metal powders) and all the other in depth NFPA test methods (like NFPA-99) test the same way pretty much and they all use aluminum to cover the electrodes.


The testing is more accurate with the aluminum - anyone have an idea where Reference (u)) came along - is it a typo on the DOD's part?