Volunteer Firefighter Turnover & Experience Gap

Discussion created by jmaruca291 on Apr 21, 2017

Hi All:

Is anyone else experiencing a rapid or increasing turnover among their volunteer force, and/or a gap between a large force of young and inexperienced volunteer firefighters and a small (and getting smaller) group of older, experienced firefighters?


The average number of years of a member of my department is 3 years.  What I have is a large group of 20 year olds (mostly volunteer), most with less than 5 years experience being lead by a small group of older senior staff (mostly career).  The career departments around us, hire our staff away from us after we've trained them, they have all of their certifications and they've got 3-5 years field experience with us.  The pace of this is increasing.  We are struggling to keep up.  Since January 1, 2017, we've had 7 of our volunteers hired away from us.


Attached is  PowerPoint outline 30 years of turnover data from our department.  Does anyone else have similar data we can compare ourselves to?  We haven't found a good reference point to measure our turnover rate against.


Your thoughts and suggestions?



Chief Joe Maruca