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A-2 Buildings intended for food and/or drink consumption (restaurants).

Question asked by ebird91 on Apr 26, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2017 by rfdacm02

Working on a two story building. Upstairs will not be occupied by business and will remain vacant.  Main floor will have a capacity of less than 100 and possibly less than 75.  I cannot find anything in NFPA regarding our small A-2 occupancy, stating what fire alarm, detection system is required if any.  I see instances where it refers to a capacity of 300 or more, but what does that leave to the requirement for lessor than 300 capacity.  There are no municipal codes in our city that address our question regarding this either.   The neighboring restaurant, is the exact same size and close to same capacity, but doesn't have any type of detection equipment, no visual or audible horn/strobe signaling, only standard combo emergency exit signs and emergency lighting.