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Fire Retardant Standards of Bed Linen in Prisons

Question asked by danielconnolly on May 2, 2017
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In Her Majesty's prisons in the UK, bed linen (i.e. Flat linen, fitted and flat sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases etc.) must comply to BS7175, crib 7. which certifies said products as compliant prior to prison issue. This also applies to the quilts and pillows issued in the prisons. What is the law in the USA? Nationally or by State?
We receive enquiries from the USA for fire safe bed linen for custodial and military outlets which are permanently fire retardant and do not wash out. I wish to test our products to the US standard but need to know first what the law states in respect of what the prison must issue for said items
Thank you
Daniel Connolly
Thomas Kneale and Co limited