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We have a job located in San Luis OBispo County, Ca.

Question asked by on Apr 30, 2017
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Our task:

To extend an underground water line which is to be used to service fire sprinklers in an existing prison.

The work was designed to be performed by using Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD); however the individual who is doing the inspection for the fire protection agency (I believe this to be CDF (California Division of Forestry)) tells us "... NFPA does not recognize HDD as a method to install fire sprinkler service lines and therefor the HDD method cannot be used...". 

I am asking for NFPA's position on this situation. If you woiuld like to call me to discuss:
David Sansone

805.549.0667 (office 8 am to 5 pm PDT).

San Luis Obispo, Ca.


Thank you very much!