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NFPA 1006 - Standard 16.2.9

Question asked by k.bellamy on May 10, 2017

I work for an organization developing training for Swiftwater and Flood Rescue and we are trying to get some clarification on this standard: 

Define procedures to provide support for helicopter water rescue operations within the area of responsibility for the AHJ, given a helicopter service, operational protocols, helicopter capabilities and limitations, water rescue procedures, and risk factors influencing helicopter operations, so that air-to-ground communications are established and maintained, applications are within the capabilities and skill levels of the helicopter service, the applications facilitate victim extraction from water hazards that are representative of the bodies of water existing or anticipated within the geographic confines of the AHJ, air crew and ground personnel safety are not compromised, landing zones are designated and secured, and fire suppression resources are available at the landing zone.


For training purposes, do they need to participate in a physical rescue or do they just need to "define procedures"?


Thank you in advance!