Thank you to NFPA

Discussion created by charlieboyte on May 16, 2017
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My sincerest thanks go out to all the participants in the Rural Fire and Life Safety and NFPA staff in Boston.  Our guiding light -- the amazing NFPA staff demonstrated that they are truly committed to their work and driven to make our communities safer.  The eclectic collection of participants from all across North America demonstrated amazing similarities in their purpose and care for humanity and clearly showed the value of looking at our issues with the broadest of perspective.


Thank you all for inviting this grey haired Canuk to the symposium, making me feel so very welcome and sharing your ideas and thoughts with me.  I learned so much from all of you and hope we can get together again in the near future.

I am really looking forward to a summary of the discussions we had over our days together and hope the great folks at NFPA will share that with us all soon.  


If any of you all get up to BC Canada - please look me up and give me a shout.



Charles W Boyte, CFO

Fire Chief, Pender Island Fire Rescue