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Discussion created by svhc-mt on May 17, 2017
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First, thank you to everyone at NFPA for their efforts in putting this forum and that amazingly informative symposium together and to the participants for their interest and engagement in the process!  I just returned from Boston after extending my stay a few days to visit family.  


We discussed among so many things, sharing documents that could help other departments.  I see that there are some already on the Xchange, but thought it might be nice to have a separate discussion for those so people could find them easily. 


I met some great fire leaders who have kindly shared their new member orientation packets/policies, and I am so grateful to the and so impressed by the work involved in those documents.   


I decided to make a list of documents that our department either doesn't have in place or needs to update just to give you all an idea:


  • Welcome packets for new volunteers/ orientation manuals
  • Social media policies
  • New member applications
  • Resident member responsibilities and policy
  • Resident member application

I am planning to share all the information from the symposium with our members in a presentation format.  Has anyone done this already?  I don't want to reinvent the wheel, but will start working on that tomorrow and will post it this week. 


I don't know the best approach to this in terms of this forum, but maybe we could all find documents/resources easily if we did something like reply to this discussion with subject line  "(Document name) to share" or  "ISO (document name)"  to request a document...or maybe this would be best handled by our moderator.


Interested in everyone's thoughts on this.  Concerns about departmental sharing could be managed by blocking department names within the documents.  I know it would help my department tremendously.  With so many experienced and creative leaders, I think every document shared will benefit another department in whole or in part.


Please post your thoughts on this, and how to best manage sharing of documents.


To our moderators:  I would love to see this type of option also for the sharing of fundraising ideas, recruitment ideas, retention stipends/payments/gifts, background check processes, funding opportunities, other creative ideas!