How do you enforce building codes in old rural buildings?

Discussion created by loveforthevandijks on May 19, 2017
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Living in a small town (a little over 7000 people) we have many older buildings, we have places likes old saloon's, retail but also multi apartment complexes where old wire sticks out of the walls and ceilings and the roofs are caving in due to leaks. Most of the buildings are owned by local estate owners or out of State people. Although our former fire inspector says he notified the owners about the risk situations, he claims he has no power to actually enforce fire safety issues with these buildings. The out of State owners just don't respond to the letters, phone calls and emails, the in-town estate owners have a lot of power and say in our community but they seem not wanting to invest in their proprties.

Do these fire safety/not-up-to-code regulations need to be enforced by the local authorities, State or Feds? 

In any way as a  fire fighter I can foresee the worst scenario to happen and it could become a risk for everyone working in, living or fire fighting these buildings.