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I have a storage room with approximately 50,000 sq ft. (200 x 250_/-)

The owner wishes to store pods of aluminum and fiberglass (top) construction which are approx 16' x 8' x 8' height.

He wishes to store the pods two high (16' total). The room has a 22' height sprinklers and uses upright heads (unobstructed) on a 10' x 10' grid. What code would define the required flow in gpm/sf? I am having a hard time finding anything. I am thinking an extra hazard group 1 as there is only household type items being stored (no gas or flammables) and the height exceeds 12'. Does this mean I can use a 2500 sq ft area of operation at 0.30 gpm/sf using area/density curves for that case? Rod Prosser, PE