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Why NFPA is withdraw its endorsement to the CEPI certification? (CEPI certification is the Spanish equivalent to the CFPS certification)

Question asked by natengar on May 25, 2017


I am a CEPI (Especialista Certificado en Protección Contra Incendios por la NFPA) an equivalent Certification to the CFPS, Certified Fire Protection Specialist by the NFPA, (same book, same exam but in spanish) This CEPI Certification was sell and endorsed by NFPA for 20 years (more or less) thru the IFST (International Fire Safety Training). 

Last year, we received a notification from NFPA telling us that NFPA will no longer endorse or accepted the CEPI Certification beyond December 31, 2021.

This unilateral decision left completely helpless to more than 20,000 CEPI professionals in Europe (Spain) and Latin America. Those professionals have done a great job during these years protecting lives and property along with their English-speaking peers, but now in a drastic and irrational change of mind, NFPA abandoned them.
We have to ask ourselves, what could be the final decision element for the NFPA to withdraw its support for these professionals? recall that NFPA sold the CEPI Certification and subjected the CEPI students to the same examination as CFPS. Also, CEPI professionals were compelled by NFPA to a process of recertification every 3 years,  as also CFPS professionals did. Why CEPI Certification is being eliminated and the CFPS  Certification is maintained if both Certifications were sold by NFPA as having the same status?


NFPA has not provided any reasonable and fair explanation for its drastic change (there is any reasonable and fair explication?) affecting professionals who were formerly NFPA qualified persons.  Unfortunately, since December 31, 2021 those spanish speaking Certified Specialist will be betrayed by the NFPA. 

Probably you are CFPS by NFPA, like I am CEPI by the NFPA, how would you feel if tomorrow NFPA told you that your CFPS Certification is no longer backed up by the most prestigious Association in Fire Protection? Think about it and you will understand how the 20,000 spanish speakers, that proudly hold the CEPI Certification by the NFPA, feel.


Last word: At the time NFPA sold us the CEPI Certification nobody never told us that the NFPA endorsement could be cut, suppressed or eliminated.

Please, let us know your feedback regarding this very important issue.


José García, CEPI by NFPA.  (until 2021)

National Engineering, Inc. President