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Bag filter for dedusting from DRI dust

Question asked by shahrokhzarei on Jun 2, 2017



I am the manager of basic engineering department in GrIIn Company. We are working in the field of air pollution control systems.

Recently we have invited to a tender for dedusting from DRI material handling systems which are charging different bins.

Technology of department comes from Danieli which is a famous company in this business.

We should design a bag filter for dedusting from this department. Current bag filter had exploded when started six years ago. At present time the client would like to start again for dedusting the plant with a fabric filter!

Maybe putting a scrubber to be a low risk choice for this application but there are a lot of limitation for this option and so they have defined the tender title as" Design and installation of a bag filter for DRI charging department"

Our anxiety is firing the bag filter however we have considered in our primary design using N2 instead of air for compressed air cleaning system.

We also considered using N2 injection in the hoppers which are interlock with a thermo switch in the hopper and also we have considered emergency pneumatic damper that is normally open but became close when it sense the fire before bag filter.

So there are this question; Do you think above consideration are OK and enough for this project?

is there any other solution for our purpose?

Do you think putting a spark arrester before bag filter could help to us?

What are your advices to me for managing the proposal?


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Shahrokh Zarei