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NFPA 820 Odor Control Existing Structure Question

Question asked by jason.mcgibbon.pch on Jun 2, 2017
Regarding a biofilter odor control project at a wastewater treatment plant, we are looking at putting the fan, waterbox, controls, etc. and running the odorous ductwork on top of an existing concrete pad, which the existing pad is actually the at-grade top of the basement level to an existing influent pump station at this wastewater treatment plant.  The still operational pumps sit inside the structure below where we would place the aforementioned odor control items.The new subgrade biofilter will sit in the ground directly adjacent to the existing pump station building. 
I am trying to interpret NFPA guidelines to make sure that placing the aforementioned items in this location is okay.  I believe it is NFPA 820 that governs: Im looking at Table 4.2.2 and then Annex A, though am trying to interpret those and also see if there is something else that states that we cant place the items on the structure.