Fire barrier / Building separator

Discussion created by leonardo.kibanoff on Jun 7, 2017
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Hello All-

We have an existing door that is a building fire separator and in need of a new assembly- (circled in green) upon inspection above the ceiling we found many penetrations that are just not reachable by any human, machine, or super human- (so I am told) there are so many utilities concentrated right above this particular bulkhead that makes this a near impossible task to fire stop - (green circle area) having a bit more reasonable / reachable space above the ceiling appx 10' from the original location a decision was made to relocate the assembly to this area. (Solid blue line)  In planning It was discussed that the 2 hour separator wall will need to follow the new assembly to its new location from floor to slab. (Solid red lines) 

Issues came up with field conditions during demo-  the solid red lines which is the existing wall has become challenging to make it a 2 hour barrier- again from utilities fore and aft of the studs. We are kind of stuck in what to do?

Main problems- getting another layer of sheet rock on both sides of the stubs up to slab to complete the "box"

I suggested to make the "box"  at the dropped ceiling height- but was told it may be to heavy to support

Also we are sprinklered on one side- will this help any?

So any suggestions on recreating this barrier?    Thanks in advance