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NFPA 72 testing of multiple buildings on one panel

Question asked by rlmeeste on Jun 20, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2017 by rlmeeste

I am currently at a facility that is in the process of being brought on line.

Be have a fire alarm panel in a structure that also monitors two other smaller structures.

The operations staff want to perform the NFPA 72 semi annual and annual inspection by building (3).

my agreement is that NFPA 72 requires you test the system not the building and testing the three building separately on different dates does not meet the intent of NFPA 72.  It is my opinion that the fire alarm system must be tested as a total system at the same time. ( there is nothing within the buildings the is hazardous and would prevent this testing to occur)


I am hoping for some additional opinions as I can find nothing that directly support my agreement.  your thought would be helpful.


Dick M