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Sprinkler System in Bread Crumb Dryer

Question asked by nabdulnour on Jun 20, 2017

Dear All,

We are looking into purchasing new bread crumb dryer, it has three level of belt conveyor loading starts from the top then drop from upper belt conveyor to the lower then to the final lower one before cooling and getting out of the dryer, inside air circulating temperature around 195 deg. C. we have to add sprinkler system to it. need your advise, the distribution and any recommendations you have it should be according the NFPA as well FM Global standard. the dryer dry the bread crumb from 35% moisture content down to 10% moisture content direct fire gas. capacity around 8,000 kg/hr the total dryer length 28' width 12' and the total height 16' ft.

Kindly I would ask for your recommendations, distribution of nozzles, nozzles type etc...

Thank you.