Wisconsin State Fire Inspectors Association 2017 Conference

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by Tom Clark

Another conference is rapidly approaching.  The conference committee has been working since last year’s conference to improve on an already great educational opportunity. The planning started right after the last speaker spoke. The comments from the participants were collected, read over in a group setting, and acted on to provide the best training and benefits for this year.  The WSFIA conference committee is committed to bringing you the best education possible in code enforcement, and public education. There are several meetings the committee attended throughout the year to bring together the venue, speakers, vendors, sponsors and conveniences that we take for granted during our stay.

The Wisconsin State Fire Inspectors Association annual conference has earned the reputation of being one of the best conferences of its kind in the Midwest. This came about because of hard work and dedication from the members of our Association. This reputation creates benefits, such as presenters from around the nation calling and asking to be part of our conference. In that aspect, the planning is easier. The only downside is the challenge to the committee every year, is to outdo the previous year. One way to meet that challenge is to offer premier classes. This year will also bring a two day class on Sprinkler Plan Review, instructed by an expert on the subject from the National Fire Sprinkler Association. Information on how to sign up for this class can be found on the website. Another way is to offer a premier keynote speakers such as this year’s National Fire Protection Association’s President, Jim Pauley.  

The conference has come a long way over the years. Improved, relative and more informative classes are provided. The location the conference is held has vastly improved, and this year it is in Green Bay, WI. The Board of Directors supports members to attend similar conferences with the agreement to bring back quality speaker information.  We are now getting the best information that is out there. If you have not attended in the past several years you must make an effort to attend, you just may learn something to improve yourself and your community.

There is a scholarship program available for people that are interested in attending the conference and cannot come up with the funds. We encourage you to take advantage of this educational opportunity. The conference and most associated costs are covered by the Association, and give fire departments a chance to learn the benefits of the conference and year round education. The form can be found on the website:

With budgets being tight, the registration cost of the conference is an outstanding value. Not only does the participant receive quality training, most of the meals are provided during this event, which is unheard of in similar conferences. Training that is provided is second to none. Vendor night provides entertainment, networking with peers, reviewing products and speaking with representatives that can help you achieve more in your goal for fire prevention and safety. Without our sponsors and vendors the conference could not be the success that it is. The sponsors support our mission and the vendors are able to personally explain and show what they can provide to us. Casino night will also be provided this year. This provides entertainment and promotes camaraderie among peers.

Make a plan to attend the conference this year and bring back useful information to your fire department, company and community. Everyone is welcome as long as you come with a thirst for knowledge. More conference information will be provided on the website.  

Wisconsin State Fire Inspectors Association

Annual Fire Prevention Conference October 25th to October 27th  


This conference addresses the needs of Code Officials, and Public Education Programs


Conference registration will be done online, please visit the website at and click on the 2017 Conference Registration and then Registration.


Monday October 23, 2017 Pre-Conference

Sprinkler Plan Review Class

Board of Directors Meeting


Tuesday October 24, 2017 Pre-Conference

Sprinkler Plan Review Class

NFPA 1, Fire Code Class

Social Relations Class


Wednesday October 25, 2017

Opening ceremony with Keynote Speaker: Mr. Jim Pauley, NFPA President

Update on the WisSAFE and Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition

Insurance Services Office (ISO) Ratings

Commercial Insurance and Fire Protection

Fire Doors

Promoting Life Safety

NFPA 72, National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code

The Power of Ask

Vendor Night


Thursday October 26, 2017

Butane Hash Oil Labs

Demonstrating Fire Inspection Effectiveness

Annual Business Meeting


FD Access and Water Supply

NFPA 96 Kitchen Hood Systems

Speaking to the Masses

Inspection Compliance Engine

Radio Repeater in Buildings

Using Science to Reach Middle School Students

Banquet/Awards Night


Friday October 27, 2017

Food Trucks

Basic Inspector Class (8 am-5pm)


Saturday October 28, 2017

Basic Inspector Class (8 am-5pm)


Social Events:

Wednesday - Vendor’s night with casino style gambling and a costume contest.

Thursday – Banquet

Note: The vendor’s reception and banquet are for conference participants only. Additional tickets for quests or others are available for purchase.


Spouses Program:

No formal spouse’s program is planned


Pre-conference classes on Monday and Tuesday:

Fire Sprinkler Plan Review, National Fire Sprinkler Association Wisconsin Rep. Marty King


Pre-conference classes on Tuesday:

Fire Sprinkler Plan Review (Continued)

NFPA 1 Fire Prevention Class (8am-5pm)

Public Education Class, Media Relations


General Session Classes:

Keynote Speaker: Jim Pauley, NFPA President

WisSAFE and Residential Fire Sprinkler Coalition Update

How ISO Rating Affects the Fire Department



For information on conference scholarships available through the Wisconsin State Fire Inspectors Association go to


Vendors and Sponsorships:

For information on conference sponsorships or participating as a vendor in the 2017 conference please contact Matt Moore at

Host Hotel:

The Radisson, Green Bay is the location of this year’s event. The Radisson is offering room rates at $82.00/night if you book under the Wisconsin State Fire Inspectors Association and a valid Tax Exempt number from your local fire department..  Reservations must be made by October 2th to ensure your receive the Conference rate.     Contact the hotel directly at 1-877-722-2980 booking ID# C77057


Conference Fees:

                                    Member          Non-Member

1 day                          $200.00          $240.00

2 Day                          $240.00          $280.00

3 & 4 Day*                 $275.00          $315.00

       Breakfast is provided with your registration Tuesday-Friday

  • Lunch is provided with your registration Tuesday-Friday
  • Wednesday Vendor Reception and Thursday Banquet are included with your 3 and 4 day conference fee. Extra Vendor Tickets     $18.00 Conference registration will be done online, please visit the website at and click on the 2017 Conference Registration and then Registration.
  • Late Fee (after Oct 10)  $50.00
  • Extra Banquet Tickets   $25.00
  • *Includes social events (social events are not included in a 1 or 2 day conference)