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Unexposed holes on fire rated door and frame

Question asked by sidfrey on Jul 7, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2017 by cdafd

I am replacing an existing continuous geared hinge with a new one but different product. The problem is, the screw holes is different from the existing  and this will leave unused hole on the door frame and door leaf but will be covered by the new continuous hinges. The question is, do I still need to patch the existing holes before I install the new hinges or can I just leave it since it will be covered by new hinges which is more than the frame material itself.


I'm getting the logic on door catch installation on fire rated metal frame where frame opening is covered with hardware material.


I believe below NFPA 80 is only for holes on exposed areas. When holes are left in a door or frame due to changes or removal of hardware or


the holes shall be repaired by the following methods:

(1) Install steel fasteners that completely fill the holes

(2) Fill the screw or bolt holes with the same material as the door or frame