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Requirment for Fire Damers in Hosptials

Question asked by on Jul 14, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2017 by milt.werner

I work at a small hospital that was built in 1968, at the time of construction it was not fire sprinkled. NFPA would require smoke and fire dampers to be installed in all rated walls in buildings that are not fire sprinkled. In 2005 a project was completed making the building fully fire sprinkled, now that the building is fire sprinkled Note two of 19 - 3.7.3 does not require dampers. We have no duct work that travels through any 2 hour walls our stair wells and elevator shafts so we have no 2 hour fire dampers required by NFPA 90A. In 2007 NFPA 80 requires dampers be tested every 6 years, my question is are we required to test fire dampers and smoke dampers that fall under the 19-3.7.3 Note 2 exception, or the Hazardous Area rule now that we are fire sprinkled. All of our HVAC systems are in sheet metal duck work, no ventilation opening exist, and none of the duct work penetrates a 2 hour separation. The simple truth is that some of the dampers are located in walls that at the current time have no fire rating at all. Example would be a storage area that was converted to an office. The problem is that through out the years or even from the beginning, some of these dampers are located in places that are un able to reach without some major renovations and or utility shut downs in some cases. Do you have some insight on this.