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Does 70e apply to "Utility" type work?

Question asked by john.metzler on Jul 13, 2017

Scenario: We are an industrial Oil and Gas Facility that Owns and maintains its own Generation and distribution systems. We generate at 4160VAC, then step up to 24.9KV for field distribution, then step back down at various locations. I have been tasked as part of a group to update our electrical safety protocols and review compliance with 70e. What I don't know is whether 70e "directly applies" to overhead energized electrical work. We are not an official utility, but serve as our own utility in these situations. In the past, I have referred to 1910.269, but there are requests to perform arc flash calculations and wear clothing to the same standard as working on an enclosed MCC at ground level with the same voltage. What is the best method of calculating flash potential for overhead distribution lines?

Rather than 70e, should we be following IEEE 516 in those situations?

Thank you