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Does the 2 times a year annual inspection requirement for commercial kitchen fire suppression apply to non-commercial applications.  A church, for example.

Question asked by cdooleyone on Jul 13, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2018 by sljackson

Over 5 years ago I became responsible for my church's buildings.  That included insuring that our building's fire suppression equipment was in compliance with code.  The fire inspector in Pickens, SC, briefed me on the inspection requirements.  Our church building used to be a restaurant.  It's kitchen was equipped with a halon type hooded automatic fire suppression.  Together we perused the relevant NFPA document and found that non commercial kitchens were excepted from the commercial 2 times a year inspection standard.  Our application called for a once a year inspection.


The fire inspector for the fire dept has changed this year.  He is insisting that our church meet the commercial standard.  What is the truth?  Of course, it may be the standard has changed .