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Hose Valves

Question asked by redlineautomatic on Jul 14, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2017 by cdafd

Testing hose valves, typically on a high rise building they have a wet standpipe in stairwells with hose valves connected directly to them with piping supplying the adjacent hallway/corridor to a hose cabinet with a hose valve. I'm testing on a highly secured building & the hallway hose valves in the cabinets are 2-1/2" hose bibs turned on from the stairwell (approx. 20' away) with a butterfly valve. Once you enter the stairwell & the doors shut you cannot regain entry to that floor (doors are locked). Seems to me they should have the hose valve supply ran directly to a hose valve, instead of a hose bib. I scoured the NFPA 13 & 14 & could not find any information to correct the situation. I will look in the IBC & IFC for further clarification. Any help would be appreciated.