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safe compressor distance

Question asked by mikejlax on Jul 14, 2017

The DOT Pipeline Safety and Hazardous Materials Agency (PHMSA) states in their tegulation Title 49  192.163 Compressor Stations: Design & Construction (a) Location of Compressor Building -  - Except for a compressor building on a platform located offshore or in inland navigable waters, each main building of a compressor station must be located on property under the control of the operator. It must be far enough away from adjacent property, not under control of the operator, to minimize the possibility of the fire being communicated to the compressor building from structures on adjacent property. There must be enough open space around the main compressor building to allow the free movement of fire fighting equipment. 


Missing from the regulation is an actual distance between buildings which is necessary to make it enforceable. Can anybody give me some direction to determine the distance?