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FM200 concentration distribution with time

Question asked by quadri_in on Jul 17, 2017

Ref:- FM200 system NFPA 2001


We have a inetial design of protected area to concentration of 7.2% however the volume of the protected area (40m (L)X5m (W)x3m (H)) has increased and the design concentration after recalculation is coming to 6.5%. we have three No. cylinder banks complete with pipes and nozzles connected with pilot tubing for actuation.


Now there is a proposal to include seperate additional main and reserve with individual piping and nozzles both delivering minimum 7.2% in whole protected area upon discharge in terms of agent quantity.


does it effect the FM200 distribution in the protected area due to addition of standalone system in one area only.

how much time it will take to come to equilibrium for the whole protected area,


any help will be appreciated.