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meaning of "capacity" in Table

Question asked by christianb. on Jul 18, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2017 by jwade

I'm a german fire protection engineer studying safety and hazard control in Magdeburg. While working on my master degree I have to translate a short part of the NFPA 101 but I think I don't understand what is meant with this paragraph.

It is in Table and Table "Capacity: 13 mm per person, if access by door; 25 mm per person, if access by climbing over windowsill"
I don't know how I should understand this, for my understanding a capacity can only specify a maximum load or volume, but not a length.

Or ist it meant that there has to be added 13 mm to the width for every person more than 10?
So if there are 12 occupants in a building the width of the platform has to be 586 mm (560 mm + 13 mm + 13 mm)?