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Encouraging Employees to be Fire Conscientious

Question asked by rileysnash on Jul 25, 2017
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Hello! This is my first time on using the NFPA Xchange network and I was hoping to get some advice.


I work in a woodworking factory. As such, there is a high risk of fire and deflagration. After a recent OSHA consultation, we were issued a citation for having items (lumber and machinery) placed too closely in front of our main electrical panel. While the items were moved immediately after the consultation, I have been having trouble encouraging employees to maintain the required space. I have had factory-wide training sessions where we discuss this issue and have worked with employees to move the obstructions, only to find that these obstructions return within a few days. 


Does anyone have any advise or recommendations on how to encourage employees to be fire fire/safety conscientious in regards to access to the electrical panel?