NFPA 285 Proposed Revisions

Discussion created by insulstone on Jul 26, 2017
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My company manufactures insulated wall cladding panels using EPS. We recently tested and became NFPA 285 compliant at a total cost of over $50,000. I recently read NFPA 285 was being revised to require vertical seams in the center of the window opening. We considered this when testing and placed vertical seams in the center 1/3 of the window width above the window. The new proposed revision indicates the center of the window. Technically, it sounds like this would require re-testing. Who would I need to contact to have this wording reconsidered to locate the vertical seams in a broader area than just (the center). It seems the center 1/3 is the "hot zone" and and accomplishes the desired result. I hate to have to spend another $50,000 when it accomplishes no purpose.