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Sun Control on Fire Rated Exit Doors

Question asked by ekafka13 on Jul 26, 2017
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Is there any ability or approved products that can be added to fire-rated glass exit doors to screen intense sun aside from tinting the glass? We were looking for some type of solution that could be applied to the doors. I thought perhaps an exterior rated plantation shutter panel could be adhered to the exterior of the door to block out some of the light. I saw that no penetrations like screws or nails would be allowed on a fire-rated assembly, but am lacking knowledge of a product that would be permissible. 


The property wanted to put exterior drapery that could cover over doors, and I said this was a big NO as it would impede the function of the door and block exit discharge. 


Would love to know your thoughts!


Thank You,

Beth Kafka

Hospitality Interior Designer at Clive Daniel