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Question asked by corry on Jul 27, 2017
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Say I have a question for you guys. I am working with a brewery and one thing I was asked is what can I do to prevent getting shocked when I shop vac out the grain dispenser. This grain dispenser has a front cover that comes off so a person can clean out the dust. The person does not physically crawl into it they just vacuum it out from the outside. Apparently this employee was cleaning the inside of this grain dispenser using a shop vac and he stated he could feel the static electricity building up and when he went to stand up he put his hand on the metal outer jacket of the dispenser and received a shock. There are two concerns here. First is the shock but I am also concerned about the a chance of the grain dust igniting from the static electricity. Does anyone have any suggestions to prevent this static electricity from building up. Would wearing rubber gloves solve this issue?