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Separation of Industrial Arts Areas in a High School

Question asked by rfdacm02 on Jul 31, 2017

We are reviewing a new High School Technologies building and debating sub-classifying areas of the building. This is a two story Type II Educational Facility overall, but includes some areas of "greater" hazard than the normally anticipated areas of a regular school. This facility has two large automotive instruction areas, complete with lifts, a welding instruction area, a marine technologies area (build/repair fiberglass boats), all in addition to more traditional spaces used for culinary arts, nursing, etc.


Right now the plans do not treat the automotive, welding and marine instruction areas any different than other classrooms with regard to fire separation, but they did consider the carpentry instruction area a high hazard and call for a one hour fire barrier in addition to the sprinklers.  


It would be my contention that the automotive areas should be considered as "Special Purpose Industrial" and as such separated by a 3 hr fire barrier or in this case a two hour in addition to the sprinklers. 


Anyone have insight into how they've classified or reviewed industrial arts type areas in educational facilities?