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HVLS Fan Installation

Question asked by byronb on Aug 2, 2017
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This question concerns the installation of HVLS fans in a fire sprinklered building per NFPA 13 Sections11.1.7 and 12.1.4.  One of the 4 installation requirements is #2 that the fans shall be centered approximately between four adjacent sprinklers.  No parameters are given in the code, the appendix, or the handbook commentary on how far off center is acceptable to be considered "approximant".   I have an ESFR warehouse  where the fan installation was not coordinated with the sprinkler locations and now they will have to move most of the fans and they looked up the section and are asking me how much off center is acceptable.  I looked in the FPRA research document and the live testing protocol has the fans centered on the four sprinklers for all tests (some variations being where the fire started relative to the fan blades and how far the fan was from the ceiling).  I could not find anything giving guidance on an "approximate" location off center from the fan housing,