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All Corridor Lighting on Emergency Feeder

Question asked by ekbrunn on Aug 11, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2017 by milt.werner

In NFPA-101 identifies the specific areas within a building which require emergency lighting. These include DESIGNATED stairs, aisles, corridors, etc.

NFPA-101 states the minimum level of lighting that must be provided.

The NEC requires an ATS, fed from a standby generator, to include only loads classed as emergency, per 700.2.

NEC 700.15 states "No appliances and no lamps, other than those specified as required for emergency use, shall be supplied by emergency lighting circuits."

Scenario: High rise building, Type I-B construction, Group R-2 occupancy.

My question: 1) Is it permissible by the code(s) to have all lights in the corridors fed from only single circuits connected to the emergency ATS feeder, in such a manner that when any of the individual circuits are turned off, as listed in NFPA-101, items (2) or (3), the section(s) of corridors fed from those branch circuits or feeders, are in complete darkness, until such time the circuit breaker (2) or switch (3) is reset?