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Cars in the Corridors of a new school?

Question asked by rfdacm02 on Aug 15, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2017 by lsteffens57

We are reviewing a new Regional Vocational/Technical School building for the local high schools and were shocked to see that they designed it such that the automobiles that are to be worked on in the automotive shop/lab and auto-body shop/lab will enter via the exit corridor. Yes, that's right, they designed it with garage doors with a vestibule directly off the end of one of the main corridors with the intent that vehicles entering the the work area drive down the hall and enter through a garage door into the shop/lab space. 


First, let me note that both the State Fire Marshal's Office, our Code Office and ourselves (local FD) see no chance that we'll approve this. But, in reviewing the LSC it would appear this scenario is so far fetched, it doesn't really get an airtight citation? 


We've noted a number of reasons that this idea is irresponsible, from allowing a vehicle in the same space we regulate alcohol sanitizers and limiting artwork, to the firefighting concerns if a fire occurs within the shop/lab space and the largest ventilation opening is into the building, not directly out.  


My question is which citations would you utilize to make an airtight case against this? As it is a large costly project, a major revision of the plan will likely be a public relations issue, thus the more direct code citations we can make the less question there will be. In the end we think this falls on the architect for the poor design getting this far, but alas, here we are.