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Switch box used as a junction box

Question asked by jdeweerdt on Aug 21, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2017 by buildingoff

Hello, everyone. I have hopefully a simple question.  Where I work, we have conference rooms that we are updating the controls on.  Currently we have 2 switches in a 3 gang box and 4 switches right below in a  4 gang box.  We are eliminating 2 switches and would like to have all switches in the same location. The lighting is all 277V.  My question is, Is it acceptable to use the top 3 gang switch box as a junction box and jumper the existing wires down to the 4 gang box so that all four switches are in one location then install a 3 gang blank wall plate. My thought was after removing the knockouts I would install a snap in cord grip. If this is acceptable could you direct me the correct standard