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NFPA 58 Chapter 10

Question asked by aldo.cisternas on Aug 24, 2017
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First off all, I want to thanks NFPA for having on-line forums in which we can ask technical questions.


I work for a Chilena GLP Company called Abastible, and we have had some problems interpreting the NFPA-58, Chapter 10 (Buildings or Structures Housing LP-Gas Distribution Facilities)


The Application says "This chapter applies to the construction, ventilation, and heating of structures, parts of structures, and rooms housing LP-Gas systems where specified by other parts of the code" In this regard, I am confused about the type of structures Chapter 10 is referring to.


Does it apply to a residential dwelling units, like the one shows below?


Does it apply to a residential building like this one?

residential building: High-rise building


Commercial units like this ?



.... or Chapter 10 applies only to a special kind of building were GLP needs to be distributed to neighbor rooms?


That is my question ... I hope you can understand it.


Thanks in advance and Best Regards


Aldo Cisternas


Abastible S.A