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Question asked by aes on Aug 24, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2017 by aes

Please can someone help me with this. My inspectors and I are going round and round. If I can produce all "Manufacture instructions" of all the grid capability and support wires capability and I can prove my cabling or conduit is under those limits (by a LONG shot), why can't I attach it with a bat wing with out an extra support wire? All parts UL listed for the purpose. Ceiling company says they cant supply a drawing, there not electrical engineers.


But I can run miles of track lighting with 1000's of heads or Lay in fixtures for days and no extra support wire is needed. But I need an extra support wire for a 6' whip from light to light?


It clearly states I can if the installation is per manufacture instructions, basically don't exceed there weight limits. Their instructions state "any light over 30lbs in a 4'x4' section will need independent support." I meet that.

Why is this so TABOO?