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Electrical safety working in EV vehicles (USA/EU/China)

Question asked by cristian.paredes on Aug 26, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2017 by cdg2641

Hi all,



Many OEM's in Europe apply the Electrical safety standard I8686, which includes general electrical safety content plus automotive specific for 4 different level of employees: 1-Non electrical work, 2-Electrical work in non-live system, 3-Electrical work in live systems, 4- Responsible for electrical safety. These training will be offered usually by TUEV.



In China TUEVs offer similar trainings which are automotive oriented.  However employees need also a national certificate which it is not easy to obtain since all the training centers I have found provide the training only in Chinese language. Let me know please if you have any helpful information.



I am wondering also how companies are dealing with the electrical safety in USA.

-According to my understanding OSHA doesn't force OEMs to train their employees according to NFPA70E

-According to NFPA70E training OSHA and Ford agreed to apply NFPA70E

I assume most of the OEM's will have some internal safety trainings since NFPA70E is not automotive specific. Inthat case I am not sure how these internal trainings will be recognize as valid if an accident happens.


Thanks for your feedback